Billy George Studios
Who am I? That is a question I have not asked myself enough. I have been looking inward to create work that is relevant to my personal recollection and me. This body of work is about realizing that my past has made me who I am.

The person I have become is related to the events and people that have affected me in some way. The body of work I would like to work on is a response to me looking through my own history, to what has made me, into who I am today, and the affects I have had on others.

My relationships have been formed by the fragmentary exchange of a give-and-take connection of words, time, or memories. Memories change over time, either by the deliberate or non-intentional inclusion/exclusion of specific details. I affect others by putting myself into their environment. The effect can either be positive, negative, or neutral, but more than likely I have changed them by now being in their space. I may not be able to change the past, but I can affect the future and the memories I want to hold onto and create.